Why Recycling?

BNR_Checkout_Lane_VideoTo make more money. It's that simple.

Cash recycling helps retailers become more profitable. They minimize the amount of cash the store needs to operate and maximize the time the host systems can serve customers without employee intervention.

While the technology is sophisticated, the concept is simple: cash comes in from purchases and is reused as change back to future customers.

With traditional accept/dispense systems, all the cash needed to keep the host operating had to be pre-loaded before the first customer purchase. Then, each note paid by the customer is stored separately regardless of the value and must be reconciled by the cash manager.

Now, with recycling, only the change for the first few customers must be loaded. Each cash payment gets sorted by denomination and independently stored. High value bills are locked in the cashbox for deposit, low value bills are used to give change to customers. Properly designed cash recyclers, like the MEI BNR, can provide all of the cash handling functions of a human cashier with added accuracy, security and autonomy.

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